Ministerial Members

As Free Methodists, we believe our walk with God is a journey, one that leads us through many stages of ministry as we learn to follow Christ and lead others to do the same. Each stage of ministry is important in that it forms the values, goals, and techniques of each minister.


Within the Free Methodist Church, Elders are ministers who have shown to be gifted and lead by God not only to serve in the church, but to lead and train others to do the same. Elders serve in appointed roles throughout the church, often in unique ways.

Alvarez, Joe
Alvarez, Natalia
Alvarez, Soo Ji
Alyas, Suheal
Anderson, Larry
Ball, Irving “Skip”
Balram, Shannon
Beasley, Terry
Beckwith, Rhonda
Bejarano, Maria
Bejarano, Moises
Bishop, Dan
Bongoyok, Mbamba
Bongoyok, Moussa
Bower, Patrick
Bowers, Don
Bowers, Season
Boyce, Kevin
Brasington, Steve
Bravo-Lamas, Mario
Brewer, Jonathan P.
Caballero, Fredy
Castillo, Joe
Castillo, Lilyana
Castro, Rosalydia
Chandler, Alan
Chang, KyoungShin “Paul”
Colclasure, Angie
Coleman, Cheri
Crandall, Donald
Culp, John E.
Davidson, Dan
Davidson, Samantha
Davis, Tom
Dawkins, Kyle
Dodridge, Christopher
Edwards, Marty
Enniss, Gary
Escalante, Minor
Estrada, Jimmie
Falcioni, Dani
Fenwick, David B.
Ferguson Bravo, Clare
Fitch, Stephen
Freedman, Julia
Garay, Cusberto “Gus”
Garcia, Danielle
Garza, Roger
Gezu, Assefa Woldesemaiat
Gomez, Mateo
Gonzalez, Jonatan
Gonzalez, Maria E
Goss, Dave
Greer, Adrian
Grigg, Ieda
Gutierrez, Eliseo
Guzman, Jannet
Hagopian, Karabet ( Garo)
Hansen, Ann
Hansen, John
Harrell, Rick
Hinds, Kristy
Hosea, Carmen
Hudson, Kanesha
Hurley-Bates, Colleen
Jaikumar, Maressa
James-Bergland, Ian
Johnson, Al
Juarez, Amador
Jung, Paul
Kao, Fu-Min
Keir, A. Serounian
Kwok, Moses
Latchison, Charles
Le Shana, Jason
Lee, Lydia
Lee, Stephen
Linstrom, Gail
Littlefield, Kevin “Jack” Lee
Lo, Hui-Wen
Logan, Mark
Lopez, Abel
Lopez, Anibal
Lopez, Darmaris
Lopez de Escalante, Libni
Loster, Shelby
Lugioyo, Brian
Luna, Ruben
Managbanag, Bob
Mannoia, Kevin W.
Mannoia, V. James
Marshall, Donna
Marshall, Jr., Robert
Martin, E. Kenny
Martin, Estelle
Masters, Brett
McGary-Hawkins, Marzette
Metcalf, Reed
Monroe, Chris
Moon, Alexandra
Moon, Emmanuel
Moras, J. Guillermo
Morris-Guzman, Kari
Murphy, Bob
Neilson, Melanie
Noble, Floyd N.
Norton, Karla Riggs
Oliveros, Marcel
Ortiz, Gerardo
Ortiz, Ruben Elias
Parmelee, Keith
Pennoyer, Douglas
Perkinson, Mike Chong
Perkinson, Teresa
Phillips, Michelle
Pierre-Puckett, Jonathan
Preciado, Pedro
Prior, Glen
Quintanilla, J. Alberto
Ramage, Michelle
Ramage, Nikki
Ramirez, John L
Ramsey, Bob
Ranck, Doug
Rebollo, Humberto
Rhee, Helen
Rhine McDonald, Robin
Rittenhouse, John
Rivas, Absalon
Robertson, Kevin
Rogers, Don
Roth, Kelly
Russell, Daniel
Saltzman, David
Sanchez, Refugio
Sandoval, Adrian “Age”
Sato, Jon
Schamehorn, Sr., Earl R
Schierbeek, Lee
Sinnott, Lindsey
Smith, Jr., V. Eugene
Snow, David
Sorenson, Richard R.
Torres, Aminadab
Van Etten, Mark
Venter, Fraser
Villegas, Ray
Wallace, Gail
Wallace Nunneley, Kate
Wallace Nunneley, Leif
Warth, Brian
Warth, Laura
Wayman, Dennis
Whyte, Bruce
Williams-Quezada, Michelle
Williams, Scott
Wiltshire, Michael
Winslow, Dale
Winslow, Karen
Wojtkiewicz, Ricci (Rachelle)
Wolfe, Karl G.
Yigezu, Melaku
Zambrano, Daniel
Zambrano, Gay

Licensed Pastors

Licensed pastors serve within the local church and are licensed to perform rites within their church context.

De La Cruz, Aaron
Lamoreaux, Carl


In response to God’s call on their lives, consecrated deacons offer servant-leadership in particular areas of congregational life, according to the gifts and graces God has given and they have developed. Complementing the work of elders, consecrated deacons serve the society by assisting and leading the membership to carry out its ministries to one another and the world.

Ellis, Timothy R.
Juarez, Lydia
Ramirez, Candace

Conference Ministerial Candidates

As local ministry leaders experience God’s call to expand their ministry, they may enter into conference ministerial candidacy, a process of personal, spiritual, and executive development that seeks to train effective leaders to embody the skills and personal qualities required in growing ministries.

Ashmore, Jan
Bates-Fearon, April
Bowman, Alex
Brito, Francisco
Bubert, Aaron
Case, Travis
Coleman, Janelle
Elliott, Jake
Elwer, Adam
Gonzalez, Fabiola
González, Solman “Leo”
Greer, Briana
Gutierrez-Seguel, Karina
Gutierrez, Vilma
Kenton, Chelsea
Kenton, Justin
Latchison, Carolyn
Lopez, Benny
López, Manuel
Lopez, Sandra
Masters, Aubrey
Mc Craw, Lorraine
McCraw, Marquis
McDade, John
Moaalii Jr, Les
Moder, Ally
O ‘Dell, Howard
Park, Paul
Penesa, Faafeuu
Perez, Angela
Race, Lisa
Ramirez, Irene
Ramirez, Raymond
Riley, Percy
Ruiz, Enio Enrique
Sanford, Heather
Stephens, Beau
Thomas, Renee
Tuiasosopo, Eleitino
Whipple, Daniel
Wolfgram, Meg
Zazueta, Jonathan

Event Information

Annual Conference is an exciting time to celebrate what God is doing throughout the Free Methodist Church and we want you to be part of it. Find out how you can make the most of the Annual Conference Experience.

Get Ready

Find out how to plan either an in-person or online watch party with your church leadership team and get details about the event.

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If you are a voting member of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, it is both your honor and responsibility to vote for our church leaders. Find out how.

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Boards and Committees

Free Methodists are a diverse group of believers, hailing from all walks of life. Our leadership across the Southern California conference mirrors that diversity through a commitment to an equal mix of clergy and lay leaders (non-clergy), the empowerment of traditionally underrepresented people, and the engagement of communities across the broad socioeconomic spectrum that makes up Southern California.


Superintendents provide for vision alignment and implementation, leadership development, and guidance for the administration and growth of the church.

Board of Administration

The standing administrative committee of the conference, established to create and manage policy of the entire conference within the limits of the Book of Discipline.

Nominating Committee

Responsible for preparing for the annual conference a list of nominations for positions vacated by either resignation or expiration of terms.

Ministerial Education & Guidance Committee

Responsible for qualifying, guiding, counseling, and mentoring candidates for ordination as they prepare for ministry.

Ministerial Appointments Committee

Responsible for appointing qualified ministers to ministries and monitoring progress and growth.

Kingdom Ministry Group

Develops sustainable and vital Free Methodist Societies by sponsoring church planting projects and caring for societies requiring revitalization.

Finance Committee

Reviews and recommends action on all matters concerning financial actions of the local church and the conference at large.

The Management Group

Provides oversight for The Management Group, a for-benefit corporation of the FMCSC that provides bookkeeping and administrative services for eligible ministries.


We like to say that “it’s good to belong.” Within the Free Methodist Church, our elders are members of a ministerial tradition that seeks to disciple effective church leaders and grow ministries.

Incoming Leaders

Join us in welcoming our new Ministerial Candidates and incoming Elders for 2021.

Ministerial Members

Meet our elders serving throughout Southern California and beyond.


We remember those who have gone on to be with Christ and celebrate their impact on the Kingdom of God.

Greetings from Special Appointments

Not every elder is appointed to a traditional church ministry. Hear from elders who serve in unique ministries around the world.