Special Relations and Special Appointments ministers are Free Methodist Elders engaged in ministry in non-traditional ways. Usually these are conference members supporting para-church ministries and church plants but may also be retired pastors or educators who continue to follow God’s calling in their communities.

Each year we receive special greetings from these treasured partners and share them with the Free Methodist Church to encourage and challenge our members to pray and support these ministries and ministers.

Maria Bejarano

Greetings to all our colleagues engaged in Ministry. I am in a growing place with our Lord Jesus.

Dan Bishop

The Lord has been very good to me. Even though I may not be involved in a pastoral role, I truly enjoy ministering in many different ways in Riverside. We are empty nesters and enjoy our growing family very much. My 7 year old grandson stated at my father’s recent funeral, “Grandpa, I want to be a fourth generation pastor!” What an unexpected blessing to hear. To think of how God has led me over the last many years, I am truly grateful. And, to think about those who will be in heaven because of our generational ministry — we are indeed humbled and thankful for the chance to serve our risen Savior!

Pat Bower

I consume myself with reaching the lost, teaching those who seek to know Christ more; and mentoring those God sends my way. Blessings to you all!

Donald Bowers


“Don’t give in, don’t give out, don’t give over, don’t let up, and don’t get fed up, until Jesus SHOWS UP, and He will help you DO IT”!

Jon Brewer

May God bless you all and work through you.

Donald Crandall

We have a few difficulties but His grace will see us through. My prayers are for my fellow pastors that they may continue to preach the Word and the Risen Christ and our Conference will continue to grow.

Dan Davidson

The Lord blessed me and my wife, Pastor Samantha, with a wonderful tenure as the pastors of Rose City Church in Pasadena for over 10 years. This past summer of 2020, I transitioned from my pastoral ministry at the church to serve as a missionary to Pasadena through Rosebud Coffee (and now, Coffee with a Cause). I’m also blessed to coach entrepreneurial churches ready to launch new ministries into God’s economy.

Samantha Davidson

The Lord is good, faithful and life giving! These things I know to be true. I am grateful that after transitioning from pastoring at Rose City Church, I continue to experience His goodness, faithfulness, and loving kindness.

Tom Davis

God is good. I’m still living out my calling to reach and teach marginalized people, discipling homeless men in central Kansas.  Blessings to all my FMC brothers and sisters, co-laborers in the Lord.

Marty Edwards

I left the pastorate of the Murrieta Church twenty years ago this year. (Hard to believe!) Black Sheep: Harley-Davidsons for Christ is now entering its 22nd year. I credit the Free Methodist Churches in Southern California for believing in our vision to start a motorcycle ministry. BSHDFC has now expanded to 45 US states, Mexico, Australia, and France. I especially want to thank our FM churches in Downey, Lake Elsinore and Murrieta for their monthly support and encouragement through the years! I will be retiring from the full-time leadership of BSHDFC next year, retreating to a “part-time” and “behind the scenes” position. To God be all the glory! Amen!

Jimmie Estrada

I wish to send a special greeting to all who will be involved with Annual Conference this year. We miss everyone and continue to pray for all and ask that you keep praying for me and my family.  God bless you all.

Steve Fitch

Loving working with Eden Reforestation Projects and seeing incredible Kingdom fruit.

Roger Garza

May the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirits.

Maressa Jaikumar

Greetings from New York! This past year, I’ve had the honor of continuing to work for an organization that provides safe housing for women survivors of human trafficking and education to the general public in NYC. Despite the challenges of this year, it has been pure joy to witness the resilience and strength of our survivors who continue on their healing journey. This has given me a renewed sense of hope for the restoration that is possible in our world! Love and blessings to all of you!

Moses Kwok

My mother-in-law, Rev. Yaik Wong Eong, passed away to be with The Lord in Hong Kong on March 29, 2021 at one p.m. peacefully in her sleep. Please pray for the family.

Brian Lugioyo

Dear friends, my family and I have been blessed to serve in the Southern California conference for the past 8 years. I have accepted a call to serve in the PNW FMC conference, serving as the new dean of the school of theology at Seattle Pacific University. We are excited about this new adventure with God, and we are looking forward to many visits from our SoCal FMC family.

Bob Managbanag

Always praying the rich blessings, paradigm-changing, and transforming presence of Jesus in all our ministries in Southern California at this critical time in our nation and world.

Kevin Mannoia

Never been more fulfilled in ministry. I’m finding myself in the sweet spot of pouring into young pastors, staff, and denomination leaders who are hungry for deeper engagement and understanding of engagement. It’s thrilling to be on the cutting edge of forging new patterns of shaping next gen leaders and connecting with our culture on controversial issues. Loving this stage of ministry!

Jim Mannoia

In a nation fraught with increasing division, lack of civility, and outright loss of all Christian values, we are faced with the demise of Pax Americana. I pray that we will recognize, as St. Augustine understood so well with the dissolution of Pax Romana, that we are citizens of another Kingdom and we must never forget that earthly kingdoms will fail and fall, but His Kingdom is forever. We may be Americans, but more importantly, we are followers of Jesus Christ.

Chris Monroe

Warmest greetings to all my sisters and brothers in the FMCSC. Although there have been many unforeseen challenges as well as opportunities throughout this past year, it has been a blessing watching (if even from a distance) how honorably and excellently our churches and leaders have responded. It certainly has encouraged this old pastor’s heart! God bless you in this coming year, and may those blessings be abundantly beyond all that you ask or think!

Bob Murphy

Hope you are all holding up in difficult times.

Floyd Noble

I want to share three points from 1 Peter 4:12-19

  1. Beloved, do not think it is strange concerning the fiery triad which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you. vs.12
  2. But rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy. vs. 13-16
  3. God’s soon coming judgement of our world will begin with us Christians. For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God. vs. 16-19
Michelle Phillips

This has been a year of unique circumstances. For me it has been a time of growth, personally and with my ministry team. I’ve seen this as a time of equipping for myself and others. Yes, still ministering to those in the current moment, but also preparing for the birth of new works.

Don Rogers

I thank God I have the privilege to be alive in Christ and serve in a ministry that is IGNITING WORLD CHANGERS! Together we are providing the Gospel of Christ along with ideas that are helping break the cycle of poverty for thousands throughout Africa.

Your church can “adopt” and impact a village area in Kenya through our Village 2 Village partnership program – bringing life to your missions program, committee, and a focus to your short-term teams with long-lasting results. There may be a partnership God has in mind with your church family that we can explore together.

I have also helped some FM missions committees develop a more effective strategy and key principles for their outreach and missions programs. Let me know if you would like to talk more about your overall global missions program as well.

This year marks the 25 year anniversary for Empowering Lives International that was initially launched from Living Spring Christian Fellowship back in 1995. What began with a few people has grown to now employ over 100 nationals who are serving full time in over 9 African countries. What has been a ministry has become a spirit-led movement as those we are training in skills and Christian leadership are sharing their transformation with others in ways we could not have imagined. Villages are being transformed by Christ and we are so grateful.

May God increase our faith and vision as we empower lives together.

Pedro Preciado Sanchez

I live in an area of Michoacan, one of the most violent in the world, where preaching the gospel is very complicated.

Adrian AGE Sandoval

One day sitting with a group of Harley Davidson motorcycle riders, Charles asked the question. “When do I get my patch?” I said, “Do you know Jesus as your Savior?” The reply was a signal for me to share. Charles said, “I think I do, and I think I will make it because I believe in something.” I basically cut straight to the point and asked, “Have you asked Jesus into your heart and confessed with your mouth He is Lord?” The answer was a simple no and there it was. The que to lead him to Christ. So on the street of Third Avenue in Chula Vista, CA I led Charles who was an unsure biker to the Lord. He prayed with me to the Lord and confessed His name before us and asked Christ into his life. This was just the start of a new reborn man. Charles has been a hang around and riding with our little pack of riders. We’ve been able to continue pouring love into his life and connecting him with the local Christian church. Amen!

Heather Sanford

Praying for truth, unity and grace within the body of Christ.

Earl Shamehorn

Special greetings to our many friends who have blessed us over and over again during our 61 years of conference membership.

Lindsey Sinnott

This has been a particularly unique year, with much of our normal rhythms of community turned upside down. In spite of this, I have been amazed at the way God continues to work in and through the life of the church. The creative ways that ministry has continued as well as the response we’ve had in concern and care for our neighbors in the midst of a pandemic has made me profoundly grateful to be a part of the Free Methodist Church. I can’t wait to be with you all again in person in the near future!

Eugene Smith

Loving Jesus and enjoying Him daily. I remain steadfast in my devotions, prayer and praise with our precious Lord and Savior. God has indeed blessed my wife, Marilyn, of almost 52 years, and me in all our endeavors. It has been a heartbreaking year (2021) beginning in January I lost my younger brother, Delma, after a very brief bout with colon cancer. We were shocked and

stunned. I am reaching out to his family with God’s Word, comfort and love that they may truly know of HIs love, grace and mercy through their loss and sorrow. It has been very hard for my Mother, Mary (94) and my sister, Pat.

Richard Sorenson

My wife and I both retired at the beginning of 2020 right before the reality of Covid-19 entered our everyday lives. We are currently living in Indiana near family and are praying for direction for God’s will for the next chapter of our lives. Praying for God’s blessing on the ministry and mission work going on in the FMCSC. Stay the course!

Denny Wayman

Greetings to all of you and pray for God’s richest blessings on all!

Karen Winslow

I continue to walk before the Lord with a whole heart grateful for God’s provisions and presence and remembering God’s people, God’s family, my family both ancestors and descendants as gifts of grace from God.

Ricci Wojtkiewicz Wesley

From our home in Miami and with great love for Our Lord Jesus Christ, we send blessings to each of our brothers and sisters in Christ. May the Lord continue to keep you well and may the blessings of His prosperity be acknowledged.

Gay Zambrano

2020 has been such a challenging season in so many ways. I have seen the church adapt quickly to continue to stay connected and care for people.

I have been blessed to help several churches at the beginning of the pandemic learn to utilize zoom and FB live. I was able to help them learn how to use different pieces of equipment and refine their techniques so the online experience was fruitful and not distracting or frustrating.

At the same time, I was able to start an online Bible Study on Facebook  where we co-teach every week. This has been a blessing and brings us both great joy.

I feel we are all being prepared for the next phase of our ministry journey. I am very honored to have played a small part in seeing God work and seeing the church rise up and meet the challenges in such creative and effective ways. I am excited to see what plans the Lord has for his bride moving forward! 😀

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